Regarding Invalda LT split-off terms to be equivalent to the information of prospectus of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB

Hereby we inform that the Supervisory Authority of the Bank of Lithuania on 20 May 2014 decided to treat the information submitted in the split-off terms of Invalda LT, AB, in other related documentation, in the list of references related to INVL Baltic Farmland, AB, in the description of the risk factors as information equivalent to the information that is required to be disclosed in the prospectus of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB.
The Board of INVL Baltic Farmland decided to apply NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange to admit company’s shares into the Secondary list since 4 June 2014.

1_Split – Off terms of the public joint – stock company Invalda LT_with Annexes.pdf
2_Financial statements_2011_Invalda.pdf
3_Annual report_2011_Invalda.pdf
4_Financial statements_2012_Invalda.pdf
5_Annual report_2012_Invalda.pdf
6_Financial statements_2013_Invalda LT.pdf
7_Annual report_2013_Invalda LT.pdf  8_Voting Results_Meeting of Invalda LT_28042014.pdf
9_INVL Baltic Farmland_shareholders meeting resolutions_28042014.pdf
10_INVL Baltic Farmland_Lietuvos banko Prieziuros tarnybos sprendimas.pdf
11_Information incorporated by reference_INVL Baltic Farmland.pdf
12_Risk factors_INVL Baltic Farmland.pdf