AB INVL Baltic Farmland

Gynėjų Street 14, LT-01109, Vilnius, Lithuania

Telephone: + 370 5 279 06 01
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E-mail: [email protected]

Company details

AB INVL Baltic Farmland
Legal entity code 303299781
VAT payer code LT100009222813
Registered at the State Enterprise
Centre of Registers
Settlement account
Luminor Bank AB

To discuss leasing
of the land we manage,
contact us at

E-mail: [email protected]

For investors
Vytautas Plunksnis
[email protected]

For shareholders

INVL Baltic Farmland has transferred securities accounting to Šiaulių Bankas. For all questions regarding shareholder securities accounts, numbers of shares owned, value, conditions of sale and dividends, please contact Šiaulių Bankas at Šeimyniškių St. 1A, Vilnius, phone: +370 700 55055.

Shareholders whose personal securities accounts are administered by Šiaulių Bankas will have dividends transferred to their designated account. If you have not designated a bank account and for that reason did not receive dividends, please complete, sign and submit a request to transfer dividends, together with a copy of your personal identity document, to Šiaulių Bankas at the address indicated above. Shareholders whose shares are administered by other securities account managers (financial brokerage firms or divisions of credit institutions that provide securities accounting services) will have dividends transferred to their cash account at the same brokerage or credit institution.