Agreement on the sale of a land owned by a subsidiary of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB has been concluded

The INVL Baltic Farmland, AB (hereinafter – “the Company”) informs that on 17 March 2022 a real property sale and purchase agreement was concluded with UAB Mantinga, legal entity code 110669492, regarding the sale of 17.2882 ha land, that was owned by the Company‘s  subsidiary UAB Puškaitis.

The value of the transaction is EUR 450,000. At the end of the year, the value of the sold land, based on data provided by an external valuer, was EUR 100,248. It should be noted that the difference between the sale and value prices of the land is based on the fact that the buyer of the land does not plan to use the land according to its agricultural purpose. The profit from the transaction will have a significant impact on the Company’s ordinary annual profit excluding the revaluation of land.

The person authorized to provide additional information:
Director Egle Surpliene
E-mail: [email protected]